Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello, June!!

Yes, dear readers, I was able to stick to my original editorial calendar and start fresh with the month of June! This new laptop is a DREAM to work with already! Windows 8 is amazing, and the interface is so slick and beautiful.

So what can you expect this month? Well, a lot has changed in my room and I have several new projects to share. You can see there are some changes to the look of the blog! I really like it, and I'm glad I have the limited knowledge of graphic design that I do have.

I attempted to write out my tentative calendar for the month on a dry erase board, but it quickly turned into a mess! Smudges all over and I changed things around a few too many times. But I did find a system that seems to be working so far - the usual Blogger Binder. I do have a tutorial coming on how I did mine and I will include the links to some of the pages I used! There will also be a brief summary of how some of my custom pages were made, if anyone needs that. But this month is so exciting already, I can't wait for you to see what I have for you!

And for reference:

Mondays - General Topics
Tuesdays - Tutorials
Wednesdays - Budget Fashion
Thursdays - Tutorials
Fridays - Foodie Fridays (again!)

*Fingers crossed that I can stick to it!*

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