About Me


Quick Facts About  Me:

  • I am short (5'1")

  • I am a freshman in college.

  • I'm an Education major at UT Arlington

  • I want to teach Pre-K or Third Grade, maybe somewhere in-between.

  • I used to write Phil of the Future Fanfiction

  • I have way too many email addresses to count because I keep forgetting the passwords.

  • I love my little 8 lb. Shih Tzu, Chelsea

  • I have 2 nieces and an adorable nephew who all live with me, my parents, and my little brother

  • I have had 6 hamsters. And a rabbit. (R.I.P. Frisky, Frisky #2, Angel, Diamond, Honey, Cupid and my poor bunny Daphne)

  • I love scoring great finds in thrift stores (I don't like to spend alot...)

  • I have a Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/nkb94


My name is Natasha and I love to do nothing.

Just kidding...I like a lot of things, including but not limited to: sleeping, making a fool of myself, sewing, occasional knitting or crocheting, sleeping, finding new recipes on Pinterest, sleeping, spending hours on Pinterest, updating my wedding board, mindlessly checking Facebook, going to class, staying up until 2am the night before an exam, drooling over my favorite blogs, planning my future one board at a time, hot glue gun burns, blue sparks when plugging in my iron, need I go on? (Did I mention sleeping yet?)

I love that you stopped by my blog and I hope you enjoy what you find. As life progresses, I want to make sure I capture each beautiful moment. At 18, this is the epitome of many great things to come for me and I want it all captured on this wonderful piece of my life I call a blog. Will you join me on my journey?


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