Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LAST CHANCE for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

This is your last chance to find my prices this low! Some of these products will not be renewed once the listings expire, so get your gifts purchased and enjoy 50% off until midnight tonight!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Room Makeover = Tutorials?!

I am doing a major overhaul of my room. Mostly what's IN my room. I have tons to sort, trash, recycle, and donate. The walls will stay the same but I will do some touchups to cover up some things (sharpie marks and pin holes). The trim and doors will be painted  satin black.


-respray paint my bookcases so they are totally black - there are some tiny scratches and some spots I missed when I sprayed them before.

-My sewing table and nightstand drawers need to be recovered in new fabric to match the new color scheme - I will use fat quarters and there will be a posted tutorial on that. I have the pictures from when I first did it, but I want to do it with the new fabrics. My sewing table also needs a new drawer pull because the original one got lost and I stole one from the ugly dresser in my closet.

-speaking of ugly closet dressers, I will be repainting that ugly yellow into a satin black color. It will be primed and painted and sealed and the drawers will have an accent color (Thnks, Pinterest!) using the original wall paint.

-I have an extra nightstand under my desk that I may get rid of because it is super old and I don't need it - it matches nothing. Maybe I can donate it. Not sure yet.

-My windowseat is covered in JUNK. I need to sort it all so I can finally get a cushion on that thing! I have decided that I am not dealing with the price/hassle of using foam and making a box cover. I will just buy a some cheapo pillows and cover it like a "present", as it's worded in the tutorial I am using for it. I will be using a Pottery Barn pillow tutorial to make some felt pillows, and I will either sew or buy curtains.

Here is a before photo of my room after moving the furniture where I want it: Image

Tutorials to come:

-inspired by iCarly (when she gets a new room!) - Ice Cream Sandwich Bench. The original supplier has it for $950 which I obviously do not have as a college student. HA! My version should cost right around $100. I have not factored in coupons or sales.

-from the same website they have a Rubik's Cube table. I will be making one that will be sturdy, cute, and will not cost $600, but a modest $30-40.

-My bulletin board and memory board will be redone to match the color scheme, so a tutoril will be done for both.

-A picture post will be done with all CDs in my room - video games, music, movies, whatever. It all will be put into a CD case (the one I am looking at holds 48). All of my Sims games will have labels made with the serial numbers so I can recycle the books and cases (If I don't know how to install, uninstall, or play it by now, then we have a problem).

-I will be recovering my giant clipboard. May not seem like a room thing, but it hangs on my wall when I'm not using it so it needs to look cute, too!

-My outlet covers will be covered with scrapbook paper and mod podged. Will do a picture post.

Thanks for reading!!!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Finally the Bride - A Book Review

I love this book. Words cannot describe how much it moved me and made me feel  wasn't alone with these feelings. I haven't experienced as much as her, but I felt her pain as I kept going through it and really felt her speaking to me when she shared those stories and experiences. I love it and Cheryl McKay is an amazing author based on this book alone. Hopefully I will come back in with a more in-depth review after I can reread it again. Happy Monday!! - Natasha.Image

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Novel

I started working on a novel in the middle of 2011. I never got it to anywhere, so I put it aside, saying I would "finish it later". Earlier this year, I came up with a murder mystery novel idea and wrote a synopsis along with a short introduction. And again, put it aside. Now, a few months ago, I got the idea to combine the two stories into one. I have made some progress with it, though it is still a working draft with less than 30 pages....less than 15, actually. I really want to get it finished to release next year, and hopefully it will be well-recieved. It's alot of work for me to come up with this story and I hope readers will love it as I do. It's my baby right now, and it's been so top secret, only one of my close friends has been allowed to read the earliest draft of it.

So, as far as I know the release will be as follows:

eBook format: Early-Late Summer 2013

Paperback: Late 2013

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two

Yes, I am going to see it. Yes, I am very excited. I need them to stop releasing clips like YESTERDAY. It's spoiling some parts of the movie for me. We didn't get nearly this much with the the other movies; it's insane. The movie comes out next FRIDAY. And hopefully, the DVD comes out in a timely manner so I can watch all of the movies back to back without paying for a movie ticket to do so. LOL. What a waste.

Anyway, I love the clips they've released and some of the music better stay because I like  it. I am linking them all here since it's the only way I'll be able to find them all at once quickly to watch them in whati believe could be the right order, but I could be wrong. I don't know.

First, some Behind the Scenes footage

Bella Crushes Edward - "Now it's your turn to not break me" 

Jacob Stinks

Edward and Bella's Cottage

Bella Learns How to Act Human for Charlie

Arm Wrestling with Emmett

The Volturi is Coming (New Clip!!)

The Talk aka the clip that was played at Target when they released the Part 1 DVD

Preparing for Battle

You're welcome and thanks for reading! lol