Tuesday, June 11, 2013

{DIY} Artsy Journal

 I made a pretty new journal the other day that I have begun taking to class with me. It's just so cute and since it fits in my purse (and coordinates!), I figured why not? I haven't written in it yet, though.

I grabbed some wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, double sided tape, and scissors, as well as the notebook. The actual composition book, not the movie.
I wrapped the book very simply with the wrapping paper, securing it with the tape along the inside edges. I added a random magazine cutout...not sure where I got the magazine. I cut two strips and a butterfly from the scrapbook paper, and added letter stickers for my initials.

I then added a length of ribbon, also attached with tape (yeah, it's not getting roughly handled and I had already burned myself with my hot glue gun that day, so...).

Tie it up and you're done! Write in it, or just let it hang out on your desk!

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