Monday, June 3, 2013

Room Color Reveal! (Finally)

Hello, Everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday! I FINALLY have for you not only the final room color, BUT how the room looked when we first moved into the house! So without further ado...
1) (2007) The walls were originally white and there was a giant lighthouse painted on the wall (pictured) and a not-so-cute lighthouse border around the room. There's also a lighthouse pull chain on the ceiling fan that I still have up there today!;
 2) (2007-08) My mom painted the walls pink sometime in 2007-08 after I had switched back to my old room, I'm not sure. I know she did it because she was selling Mary Kay at the time and she wanted a pink room. But then I switched rooms for the final time.
3) (2011) I painted the room the same purple as the room I was in before. It was horrifyingly decorated, but I thought I knew what I was doing.
 4) (2013) The carpet switch that I briefly blogged about before. Ugh.
 5) (2013) I tried painting the walls off white (had it in the garage), but I ran out of paint because I did two coats on two walls without painting the other two walls at all. I know...

And the long-awaited after! I found a gallon of Hot Cocoa paint at Lowes for FIVE BUCKS. HOW did I not know that they had Oops paint for super cheap?! But I forgave myself. Because now I have this beautiful wall color that I LOVE. It looked pink-ish at first, but when I think of the color name I suddenly feel like I am staring into a nice hot mug of it, right on the walls.

 Another view of the wall color, and my new office area! Can you guess which cute d├ęcor items are upcoming tutorials? I will say that the one tomorrow can't be seen because it's on the bottom shelf of the bookcase!

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