Friday, September 21, 2012

Job Hunting....

After  my discouraging email I received from Target today, I have to just express my irritation. I hate having to apply for a job now that I'm in college. They business around here are hiring high school kids. How do i know? The places I've applied to (which total about 30 now), I see people who I knew last year when I was high school senior, and they're working the very jobs I applied for. It's not fair.

The phrase "broke college kid" makes so much more sense now that I'm in that position. College students have to have cars, we need gas, and we need other things that we can't get without a job. How are we supposed to learn how to be adults if we can't get hired except at the crappy places that NO ONE wants to work at? I applied at places I didn't want to and still haven't gotten hired.

Payless screwed me over by hiring me and then never calling. Even after I called and found out the guy who hired me got fired, I still tried contacting them to no avail. So I did get hired. I just never got to go to work. I've only been called for one other interview by a fast food place since then. I didn't even apply at that location, but they are the ones who called. I applied at the new Container Store before it opened, but those jobs filled super fast!

Every company claims they have flexible schedules and opportunities for people still in school. Even if it says college, they are usually targeted towards high school kids. These places shouldn't say they are hiring if they really aren't.

But, I'm still looking. And I will continue to look until something comes along that fits me and my schedule. Because honestly the job market competition stinks right now.




Natasha B.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm on Facebook!

I created a Facebook page last night! Hope you like it! (:

I am trying to get my pictures together and get some type of logo image deal-y, but my usual logo program isn't working!! :(

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to my new Wordpress blog! I decided to shut down my Blogger blog and start a new Wordpress blog. But don't despair! This blog will include the same type of content as the other blog - crafts, food, and more! I hope to repost alot of the old stuff on this blog so that others who may not have seen can see it, and so it can still be referenced!

Thanks so much for reading if you managed to find my humble blog. I hope it brings much more to the table someday!


Natasha B.