Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am on a Mission! {Fashion & Beauty}

After learning a lot more about it and researching alternatives, I am actively working towards switching to all vegan/cruelty free beauty products. I recently ordered some products from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Madison Street Beauty! I ordered an eyeshadow, a nail polish, and a lip balm. I then ended up winning a pack of 4 nail polishes! I have so far used the Gold Rush (toes) and Pacific Cobalt (hands) and they are so beautiful! The gold only takes one coat for great coverage! The cobalt took 2 coats. I have GOT to learn to use a clear topcoat (I have some somewhere) so I can stop chipping my nail polish off, though.

Some other items I will be trying from them are their foundation, lip sheer, and blush! I have no doubt I'll love these products as well and will be making the switch to them. Some other products I need to find good replacements for are:

  • my favorite Degree deodorant (Shower Clean - I think...). There's only certain deoderants I can use, and this is one of them.
  • my MK moisturizer - I sometimes have dry skin issues, and the Mary Kay Timewise for Normal-Dry skin is the only thing tat works for me right now. If I can't find a good alternative, then I may just stop using it completely.
  • my Bodycology lotion - The back of the bottle says the "finished product" is not tested on animals. But that really doesn't tell me much...It just gives me an excuse to go to Bath and Body Works, which is on the Does Not Test list on PETA's website!
I will finish up some of the products I have since I hate wasting and they're already here, but those companies that do test on animals will not see another dime or dollar from me. I feel careless for not paying attention to these things before, and I am changing that for myself now.

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