Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well this is upsetting...

Since my mom's computer didn't have to be customized and got here in a week, I wrongfully assumed my laptop would be the same way. WRONG. I was expecting to see FedEx today or tomorrow outside of my house, but I found out this evening that my laptop is still "in production". I feel sad. It's just the polarity of the situation I guess.
I mean...:
My mom - doesn't back up anything, waits until the last possible minute, she still has a working albeit slow PC, but her computer comes in a week.
Me - I had my stuff in Google Drive and Dropbox, all of my music and pictures backed up on flash drives, and my laptop is unusable. And here I sit, anxiously waiting. I'm kind of not happy that mine actually probably won't ship until the date it said online. I joked about my dad forgetting to add the backlit keyboard when he ordered it, and I really hope he didn't try to and that's what's keeping it from shipping. It was a joke to see if he would actually read it.

I don't think I have ever dealt with anything so frustrating. Ever. My room is slowly beginning to come together but I have nothing else to fill the time, so it starts to take form. Yes, I am glad to have the planning and project time, but I like being able to immediately draft and add pictures. Since I am growing tired of this whole waiting process, I went and grabbed a couple of old room pictures from a flash drive so that when I do begin my new posts, you will see I have made a ton of progress.This is my room after I painted it purple and called myself "finishing" it.

I know, it's terrible, right? And I thought this was organized at the time... 

I think this was the neatest part of my entire room. This corner by my closet. With my chair. So sad. And this is all before I started any type of de-cluttering. So, I will safely assume that my closet was full of junk at the time and probably more is piled on the windowseat behind my atrocious curtains I had up at the time. 

Have a great weekend, and pray for the sunshine to stay! 
(I do not like tornados and hope I never have to see or be inside of one)


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