Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sorry for the Boring Title!!

Another quick QUICK note since my laptop is still not here....I have no patience at all :)

But I tried to see if my laptop worked at all, and it cut off on me. So now not only is the fan bad (crappy construction since it's on the bottom of the PC), but the battery is no good (it's the second one it's had). I plan to do a post to help anyone else out who is looking for a new laptop! But all of that will come with time. You won't believe the mess my calendar is for June.

I need to list out all of my topics by category and then pick what days to do what topics and just start planning the posts out. Drafting isn't going as well as I thought because I'm getting anxious. I'm really worried I won't have as much time as I need to get at least the pictures for the first two weeks of the month done. Granted, my first summer class is from 8 to 10 in the morning, so I'll have the afternoons and evenings, but I don't want to stress myself too much. I have confidence that my computer will be here today or tomorrow - probably tomorrow judging by how fast my mom's computer came - it only took a week. But I do apologize for the sporadic posts. I wanted to keep you guys updated and I hope my readers from my Wordpress blog managed to find their way over here.

As I've said before, there are MANY changes to the blog on the way, and many many new posts coming that have to do with my room. My official instagram @InsideNatashasHead will NOT be showing sneak peeks of my room! You have to wait until June for that :)

But I do have some other things I am working on that you will enjoy seeing in the coming weeks and months. Feel free to subscribe by email on the right hand side of the blog, and don't forget to check out Facebook (, Twitter (@KyaraB94), and Instagram (@InsideNatashasHead), as well as Pinterest (@NatashaINH)!


  1. Computer problems can be so frustrating! I hope you're able to get it back soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog today--have a great evening, Natasha!

    ~Abby =)

  2. Thank you, Abby! I'm really trying to not let it stress me out, but I've never been without a computer for this long and actually needed it -- it's crazy!