Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another Pictureless Post

I tell you, I can't WAIT to get my new laptop up and running....whenever it gets here. I hate waiting for stuff...but I don't have a choice, now, do I? It helps that I used Amazon Prime to get a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad mini in two days. But I still don't care to blog from it, with pictures and such. I may start drafting the text for posts, and once I have access to my photo software, I can organize and edit my photos.

There are many changes in store for June on this blog. I will be sharing some things on my new OFFICIAL blog instagram! Come follow me at @fivesixteenblog !! I'll mostly be on there and Twitter until I can blog with photos again. Twitter is @KyaraB94 and I may not post one day, but some day there will be sporadic series of tweets, so you never know!

Thank you again, for your patience with all of the changes and unexpected problems that have come up!


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