Friday, April 12, 2013

{Critique Your Own Etsy Shop} - Part One

A Guided Etsy Shop Critique

Hello, Everyone! Have you ever watched a shop critique on the Etsy Labs? I've only seen a few done, and I know I need to work on my own shop -- as in, a major overhaul of photos and descriptions completely! But I am finally going to fix that. I hope you will follow along as I go through my own shop critique, and I hope you get several ideas for your own shop as well! Let's begin!!

First, take a good look at your shop. Take a few notes on what you immediately see that needs to be fixed or improved. What do you like about your shop? What could be different? What's one thing you wish you could change, but you feel like you can't?

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have a very ugly banner. I have been making my own banners since I started having any kind of online presence, be it a website, Etsy shop, or a blog. I want to browse for some ideas online, and make a graphic set that really says “Something interesting is sold in this shop!” I also need new photos of certain products, and I need to get new photos for the listings I deactivated for that purpose!


 I picked 10 of my favorite shops to gather ideas from during my shop critique. They are:

1)    Elegant Rose Boutique

2)    Bed Buggs Boutique

3)    Sol Bijou

4)    Truche

5)    Sweet N Savory Trinkets

6)    So What Sherlock?

7)    ModFox

8)    The Tiny Fig

9)    Adelaide’s Boutique

10) The Caramel Jar

 For the remainder of this critique, I will either say “Shop Numbers X, Y, Z” or “Shop Name”, depending on the section of the critique.

First of all, let's get rid of that ugly banner and so-so avatar! I played around a little more with my graphics program, and I like it so far! The gift boxes weren't as scary as I thought, or even the ribbon. It was the bow that was a nightmare! Trying to recolor that was a JOKE. The whole image kept getting filled in, so I had to use the paintbrush tool to color it in. THEN, two of the gift boxes were fine with me using the Magic Wand tool to erase the background to turn them into .gif images. Some slight hiccups, but nothing major to derail me.


And that, dear reader, is where I will end this first post. See you next week for my photography revamp!



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