Thursday, March 28, 2013

Working on my room still...



EDIT: Thank you, technology, for making me look silly. All of my labels were crazy and I didn't even notice until right after I published this post the first time.

I managed to pull together every piece of paper I have laying around with ideas for my room ,and managed to compile it all into a Word document so I can keep inserting and deleting things without the ugly scratch-throughs and erasures. I even made a cute little diagram of my room (see above)! I am hoping to have the list complete soon, so I can start sharing it on here as I start working on the projects. But the main thing is this: I have to change my wall color. Again. The white is too light for me, but I am still using it elsewhere in the room. The color I chose is Creme de Caramel (Home Decorator's Collection) and I think it will complement the red carpet nicely. Stay tuned for more details on my room makeover (changed again!)


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