Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weddings and Whatnot

I love weddings. They're so beautiful! I have never been to one, but I am obsessed with shows like Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Bridezillas. I spend hours reading stories on Etiquette Hell in the different wedding categories, and I follow Intimate Weddings on Pinterest. My wedding board has over 500 pins and counting! You could say that whenever I meet the right guy and he eventually pops the question, I'll be very prepared. 

And since Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition recently came out on DVD, I thought I would share which elements of Bella's wedding I would incorporate into my own:

  • A statement hair accessory - I used to make hair bows and fascinators, so this won't be a challenge...
  • An elegant updo - I hate wearing my hair down for special occasions unless it's curled so it will stay in place. But then it also has curling wax in it, because my hair doesn't take too well to curling.
  • A unique gown that you don't see everywhere - the typical gown I see these days is strapless and lacy, with or without 'bling'. Bella had a simple, long-sleeved beauty with lace detailing. I may just go after a statement dress that I haven't seen anybody wear yet; something crazy. It just may be the most expensive part of my wedding. Who knows, really?
  • Having an outdoor wedding - the idea scared me at first, but it can really be beautiful! Especially with botanical gardens pretty much EVERYWHERE, you can still get a floral backdrop without dropping thousands to get a cascading ceiling of wisteria. 
  • A beautiful song to walk down the aisle to - there are a few songs I wouldn't mind walking to the instrumental of, if it were available, that is. 



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