Sunday, April 28, 2013

{DIY} Pants

Above is the pair of pants I started out with. They were ridiculously long on me as jeans, so I cut them down with the intentions of finishing the hem. A year later, that still had not happened. I finally fixed that this weekend.

I started by going through my fat quarters and trying to find one I liked cuffed around the pants leg. I ended up going with a tan remnant that possibly came from a curtain, I'm not 100% sure.

I cut each cuff on the fold, as well as two lining pieces from a white cotton fat quarter. I cut each white piece in half along the fold and set it aside. Then I opened up each tan piece on my table.

I then centered the lining inside the cuff piece and ironed it as one piece of fabric. I didn't use any interfacing, I just wanted to iron everything this way. It works for me, okay? :(

Measure down 1/2 inch and pin across for your hem. I did both edges of both pieces but realized while sewing that I didn't need to.

But as you can see, I left them in while I did the hem anyway.

After pressing from the right side, I wrapped one of my cuff pieces around the bottom of the pants leg and pinned to mark where I needed to cut it. Then I used the cut cuff to mark and cut the other strip.

I stitched this with a zigzag stitch to make sure it would be secure.

 Then I pinned and stitched on the cuffs right sides together.


I flipped down the cuffs and ironed across and I was done! Then I went to try them on...

And tada! They look great! Please ignore my ugly feet. And no, that is not my stomach at the top. Oops...! Thanks for reading and I hope this encourages you to tackle a DIY clothing project you have waiting, because if I can do it, you definitely can too!

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