Monday, October 29, 2012

A No-Frills Review

I hope this blog post finds you well. After seeing the controversy about the new iPad mini, I am writing my little piece on it.

When companies write their critical reviews of these products, they don't take into consideration college students. They just think about entertainment and watching TV on an itty bitty screen. If I want to do that, I'll use my Galaxy s II super-mouthful-of-a-name phone. I freely admit that I love my Android phone. Sure, it had one issue but it was easily fixed. You can't take the battery out of your iPhone, now, can you?

Anyway. Back to the iPad mini. I'm getting one. I've been waiting for it to finally be announced so I can get it for next semester. I was looking on Amazon to see what cases they had for my phone and see what preorder pages were up for iPad mini cases, and saw the lovely new Kindle Fire HD...umm. Sorry, Amazon, but I have a Kindle Fire. I know the limitations and shortcomings. I got it from my mom when she got an iPad 2 because she couldn't use her Square reader or even get a compatible keyboard for the Kindle. And on top of all of that, you expect people to pay to get "free" two day shipping. Sorry, but when you get some type of security features in place in the Market so my preschooler nephew isn't charging my credit card (Apple App Store is Password Protected, so we feel better letting him use the iPad for his stuff), then we can consider doing business.

I rotate taking my laptop and my mom's iPad to classes. I use the laptop to view Powerpoints in my History lecture class, and the iPad for Algebra (PaperDesk is an amazing app! I can draw and type and all that neat stuff I wanted to do with the iPad!) where I write/draw my notes and then transfer them to a notebook later when I go to the Math (computer) Lab.

As for right now, besides my phone and my laptop (Samsung and HP, respectively), my mp3 player is an iPod (I actually have two, but the first one is an old shuffle that i replaced with the 5th Gen Nano; I use the shuffle for exercising) and I am getting an iPad mini. The Kindle is good for it's original purpose: reading. I have several books and I wish I could've gotten a regular old Kindle since it's all I use the kindle fire for. Then again...I'm a bookworm. Speaking of books...I need to finish my book. It only has 2 finished chapters :(

Have a GREAT week!!

Natasha B.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning how much you like PaperDesk! (This is Lida from PaperDesk.) I'd like to offer you a free stylus - just email support at mypaperdesk dot com! :)