Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trashed my To Do List...

And made another one. Yeah...

  • Nightstand Charging Station - I watched a Youtube video done by OlgaKay (Love her!!) and I already found and priced the same ribbon dispenser at the Container Store. There is one maybe 10 minutes from my house :) I also priced a power strip online (Lowes- $4). I will probably do the same decorating she did with the scrapbook paper and stickers, but I may need to buy some more paper for that. (JoAnn run! yay!)

  • Windowseat Cushion & Pillows - I measured the entire thing and figured out the pillow sizes. I rounded up, so I am working with about an 88 inch length. Therefore, the foam is ridiculously expensive. I might just get a bunch of cheapo pillows and take the stuffing from those. Not sure yet. But I really want a box cover now. I will do a regular pillow cover, and then sew and cut the points.

  • ICS Bench - Yes, this is still happening. I am so ready to be rid of my broken butterfly chair, but this is my most costly project so far. I want it to look nice and it requires patience and careful selection of the materials. I still haven't had time to go thrift store hunting for a table, but I know I need to! It finally dawned on on me that I was in a Home Decor Fabric store a few months back, and I can get the brown canvas I need for HALF the price I would have paid locally. But it's the DRIVE to get there, man. 30-45 minutes out there versus 10-15 minutes here on a good day.

  • Table - I totally scrapped the rubik's cube table idea. I took two large cardboard boxes and made a funky shaped table. Hopefully pictures will be up either before the end of the month or early next year (: I want to use the big huge ruffle I got from my old canopy bed around the top, but I also want to add something to the top to make it  sturdier, since my little nephew got mad at me and punched in the top (it's CARDBOARD!!! - I was not happy). It held a glass of water very well and a couple of other things before he punched it. So now I want to add maybe some foam or a piece of thin wood. Not sure yet.

  • CD Case - I already priced one. I will do serial number labels on all of my Sims games, and mini track listing printouts for any music CDs that i'm not sure what's on them. Everything else just goes in with nothing special.

  • Shelf Over Desk under board and frame - I need a shelf. Not  junk-catcher. ha.

  • Restoring the Storage Cube - - Only I got rid of most of mine except for enough to make one half the size of hers. I found two boxes that will fit perfectly - no cutting needed!!

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