Friday, December 28, 2012

{Pin of the Day}: POTD

Today's POTD is something I found and used yesterday and i love it!! I made one for my phone yesterday, and I am putting the finishing touches on my mom's right now. I have copied my comment I made on the blog post below the link.

"I had this issue as well. I ended up having to make a fake signature by hitting the space bar a couple of times and "signing" with that. But then I couldn't find a program similar to Preview as I am using Windows 7...So I ended up doing a "print screen" and pasting it into my paint program and saving it. I then emailed it to myself and set the attachment as my wallpaper. Hope that helps!!"

TIP: ALSO, if you use  a paint program (Paint. Net  is my favorite free paint program!!), you can actually change the background color inside the monogram. I haven't tried to change the main color, but I needed a green and purple one since my mom is a Scentsy consultant and she loves to have those colors!

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