Saturday, November 24, 2012

Room Makeover = Tutorials?!

I am doing a major overhaul of my room. Mostly what's IN my room. I have tons to sort, trash, recycle, and donate. The walls will stay the same but I will do some touchups to cover up some things (sharpie marks and pin holes). The trim and doors will be painted  satin black.


-respray paint my bookcases so they are totally black - there are some tiny scratches and some spots I missed when I sprayed them before.

-My sewing table and nightstand drawers need to be recovered in new fabric to match the new color scheme - I will use fat quarters and there will be a posted tutorial on that. I have the pictures from when I first did it, but I want to do it with the new fabrics. My sewing table also needs a new drawer pull because the original one got lost and I stole one from the ugly dresser in my closet.

-speaking of ugly closet dressers, I will be repainting that ugly yellow into a satin black color. It will be primed and painted and sealed and the drawers will have an accent color (Thnks, Pinterest!) using the original wall paint.

-I have an extra nightstand under my desk that I may get rid of because it is super old and I don't need it - it matches nothing. Maybe I can donate it. Not sure yet.

-My windowseat is covered in JUNK. I need to sort it all so I can finally get a cushion on that thing! I have decided that I am not dealing with the price/hassle of using foam and making a box cover. I will just buy a some cheapo pillows and cover it like a "present", as it's worded in the tutorial I am using for it. I will be using a Pottery Barn pillow tutorial to make some felt pillows, and I will either sew or buy curtains.

Here is a before photo of my room after moving the furniture where I want it: Image

Tutorials to come:

-inspired by iCarly (when she gets a new room!) - Ice Cream Sandwich Bench. The original supplier has it for $950 which I obviously do not have as a college student. HA! My version should cost right around $100. I have not factored in coupons or sales.

-from the same website they have a Rubik's Cube table. I will be making one that will be sturdy, cute, and will not cost $600, but a modest $30-40.

-My bulletin board and memory board will be redone to match the color scheme, so a tutoril will be done for both.

-A picture post will be done with all CDs in my room - video games, music, movies, whatever. It all will be put into a CD case (the one I am looking at holds 48). All of my Sims games will have labels made with the serial numbers so I can recycle the books and cases (If I don't know how to install, uninstall, or play it by now, then we have a problem).

-I will be recovering my giant clipboard. May not seem like a room thing, but it hangs on my wall when I'm not using it so it needs to look cute, too!

-My outlet covers will be covered with scrapbook paper and mod podged. Will do a picture post.

Thanks for reading!!!


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