Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Novel

I started working on a novel in the middle of 2011. I never got it to anywhere, so I put it aside, saying I would "finish it later". Earlier this year, I came up with a murder mystery novel idea and wrote a synopsis along with a short introduction. And again, put it aside. Now, a few months ago, I got the idea to combine the two stories into one. I have made some progress with it, though it is still a working draft with less than 30 pages....less than 15, actually. I really want to get it finished to release next year, and hopefully it will be well-recieved. It's alot of work for me to come up with this story and I hope readers will love it as I do. It's my baby right now, and it's been so top secret, only one of my close friends has been allowed to read the earliest draft of it.

So, as far as I know the release will be as follows:

eBook format: Early-Late Summer 2013

Paperback: Late 2013

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